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Masochistic Mourning

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The suricate theam
and the black of the soul
Masochistic Mourning

I never uttered anything.
And I have never been understood
Watching black color
From every corner
Always silent, settled…
Only you can be colored more warmly with her
Drowned in my own cry outs of life,
When I am mourning after your longing!

Black color
Is watching me on and on
Like the lemur.

And I have never told anything
To black color!
And I never understood
Could you love me so,
Watching me with so much sense!
Have you ever believed my pagan love
Whimpering of masochism? Have you ever?!

And I have never uttered anything,
To the lemur!
And I have never been understood
Will I ever be able not to watch you anymore,

Toate drumurile duc în acelasi loc. Dar alege calea ta, si urmeaz-o până la capăt. Nu încerca să parcurgi toate cărările...